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Every hotel tells a story. Make it your own.

If SeleQtions stories were compiled into one book, it would be bestselling page turner. Hand-picked for its uniqueness, each SeleQtions hotel has a compelling character, with a distinctive historical, geographical, cultural or artistic stamp. The SeleQtions way of life highlights hyper-local travel, focussing on your passions. Plan a business trip, family vacation or honeymoon; there’s a SeleQtions to cater to your quirks and interests. Gourmands explore unusual home-style regional food, design connoisseurs spend days examining the exemplary architecture, while adventurers delve into local cultures that are sustained by the hotel. When a SeleQtions story meets your own, great memories are crafted.

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The unrivalled guardian of grandeur, Taj conjures a panoply of superlatives. With an art of hospitality that has been perfected over a century, Taj delivers unmatched experiences and lasting memories for guests around the world.

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Celebrating a legacy of time, a sense of place or a specific theme, SeleQtions offers a range of marquee hotels that each boast of distinct and special experiences.

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Catering to the explorer’s spirit and bringing people together to celebrate moments. A transformative escape offering sun-kissed beaches to verdant landscapes and cityscapes steeped-in-history.​

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A distinctive collection of vibrant hotels that are handpicked for the young, contemporary achievers of today who stand apart without being rebels, and that allow them to discover joie de vivre.

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Deeply contemporary in spirit, Ginger caters to those for whom the lines between work and play are blurred and those who need a hotel as seamless, flexible and open minded as they are.

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Elegant and charming escapes set in breathtaking locales that combine homely comfort and warm service to deliver a truly immersive and authentic local experience for their guests.

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Qmin brings Qurated dishes from our iconic restaurants, made with the highest Quality of ingredients, from a wide variety of Quisines to the doorstep of our guests.

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Elevating air catering with creative twists and elegant accents, TajSATS enriches travel with delicious and nourishing meals, creating hospitality that never compromises on quality.