EASY DOES IT.Drop by for cocktails or simply to unwind. Watch the night warm up at Easy, a soulful lounge in Pune at Vivanta Blue Diamond. Unwinding was never this easy, and the ambience here sets the perfect tone for relaxation. Sit back and watch the evening whizz by.You must try Easy’s signature cocktails (the Flaming Lamborghini) and mocktails such as the Hawaiian Pull-Up. Our wine menu is arranged according to the type of grape used and the region to which it belongs, so you can arrange for the kind of tasting you want for the evening. See fresh fruit and herbs happily muddled to make refreshing cocktails. Experiment with our range of mojitos and caprioshkas. Sample an array of single malts. The drinks flow easy in this chic lounge. It's all happening here. The chefs at Easy Bar keep the much-loved continental cuisine coming to tame hungry lounge guests in Pune
Cuisine - Finger food,Bar
Timings - 01:00 PM to 12:45 PM
Dress code - Smart Casual
Average Price for 2 people
Easy, Bar & Lounge at Blue Diamond, Pune
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