Dining Room

Savour your meals just like the ‘burra sahibs’ of the colonial era, at our stately Dining Room. The global menu is a treat, offering eggs-to-order, smoothies, pancakes, idli, dosa, North  Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Chinese classics and a range of hamburgers, pizzas and sandwiches through the day. Freshly-plucked ingredients from the hotel’s bountiful garden ensure that every dish is bursting with organic flavour. Diners can pre-order for their choice of dishes that are not on the menu, based on the availability of seasonal ingredients and a consultation with the Chef. Individual dietary requirements are eagerly accommodated. 

A highlight at the Dining Room is the opportunity to taste the hyper-local Badaga tribal cuisine, native to the Nilgiris. A farm-to-fork Badaga meal comprises fresh beans, vegetables, chicken curries, millet flatbreads and delectable desserts. This 400-year-old robust cuisine is a precious gastronomic heritage that our chefs have extensively researched and recreated for foodies. The Dining Room also serves a selection of Anglo-Indian dishes, vintage British recipes that were reinvented by Indian khaansamas in the colonial era. This is an experience best enjoyed in the 8-seater Private Dining Room with its old-world, formal vibe. Our chefs share delightful retro food stories while serving dishes like Crêpe Farmhouse, a savoury pancake with vegetable and sprout fillings, inspired by the dosa, and Dak Bungalow Murgi Roast, a country fowl curry rustled up at travellers’ rest houses in the colonial era.

Cuisine - Multi-Cuisine
Timings - 7.30 to 10.30 | 12:30 to 15:00 and 19:30 to 22:30 hrs
Dress code - Smart Casual
Average Price for 2 people
Dining Hall Restaurant at Savoy, Ooty - IHCL SeleQtions
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