Unique Dining

The hotel’s culinary offerings are some of the finest in New Delhi. Guests  experience signature dishes from all restaurants, starting with aperitifs at Insomnia, moving to colonial-era classics at Yellow Brick Road and ending with Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines at Larry’s China. Reserve your table now and enjoy a delightful culinary experience at our restaurants in Delhi!

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Sanjeev Chopra
Executive Chef

Sanjeev Chopra is a man of flavour and zest. From IHM, New Delhi , he perfected his art across leading hotels in Delhi, Calcutta and other parts of India. His motto is, "Always use roti or rice to taste a dal, because that's how the guests will taste it.” To him food is like jazz – a basic tune that comes alive with improvisation. If there's one thing he refuses to do, it's to compare food. "It should be original and not merit comparison with other food," he says. He is one of the most celebrated chefs in the IHCL Group of Hotels. Experience all that Ambassador stands for in Chef Sanjeev Chopra. Not only is he stylishly spirited, his work is vibrant and challenges you to engage in chatpata twists.

Email: Sanjeev.chopra@tajhotels.com