Unique Dining

President, Mumbai is a culinary destination with three iconic speciality restaurants, an eclectic lounge bar and a patisserie. Enjoy an explosion of exotic Asian flavors at Thai Pavilion. Find scintillating treats at La Patisserie. Stop for coastal comfort-food at The Konkan Cafe. Experience authentic Italian at Trattoria. Have high-energy nights at Wink. Head to the best restaurants in Mumbai and let the spirit of President enliven you.

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Uddipan Chakravarthy

Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy is passion personified. He has worked for a decade and a half at Taj hotels in Delhi and Hyderabad. But it was in Mumbai, under Master Chef Ananda Solomon that he was inspired to lead. His guest list ranges from world celebrities to heads of state. He has worked closely with celebrated food critics like Rashmi Uday Singh and celebrated food writer Matt Preston on several joint projects. Experience all that IHCL groups stands for in Chef Uddipan.

Contact: Uddipan Chakravarthy
Email: Book.president@seleqtionshotels.com