Signature Experiences

A Live Tutorial in Artisanal Craftsmanship

Guests can watch a skilled artisan mould clay into a beautiful pot in a live demonstration of Bengal’s centuries-old, traditional craft of pottery. Not only that, they are guided by the Kumhar artisan in creating their very own decorative, auspicious, domestic or ceremonial pots, typical of Bengal.

Pottery Activity in Goa at Cardozo House
An Evening of Regional Arts And Entertainment

Raajkutir evenings are coloured with a flurry of special sunset observances, foods, art and entertainment. Starting in the late afternoon, guests can browse or buy from a selection of local handicrafts at the Artist Corner set up near The Loafer’s Café. Soon after, a counter laden with local tea and snacks appears in the Uthon (Courtyard) where guests can nibble on the delicacies of the region. As the sun dips lower in the sky, the ceremony of the Lighting of the Lamp commences in the Courtyard at Tulsimanch, followed by a walk with dhuno (frankincense) around the hotel building, Shankh Naad (auspicious blowing of the conch shell) and an evening-time, classical flute recital. After the traditional evening ceremony, guests can marvel at the skilled live performances of local Baoul song, Dhunochi dance or Rabindra sangeet singing by folk artists, and take in a fire show by local fire artists.

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A Traditional Welcome Inspired by Bengal’s Heritage

From the moment they arrive, guests are enfolded in the rituals of Bengal’s Great Renaissance Era. A locally attired commissionaire greets them at the Photok (gate). As they step inside, their presence is celebrated with the blowing of a conch shell and ululating. Next, in keeping with the hotel’s authentic Bengal-heritage inspired service, designed on the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guests are equivalent to God), they are greeted with Arti and Tikka by a locally attired hostess and courteously escorted to the Reception where they are offered an Uttariya (traditional stole) and a refreshing welcome drink.

In this way, guests are treated like noble family scions of the past, and appropriately greeted with the original homecoming fanfare of the ancestral Raajbari.

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A Tour of the Night Sky

An opportunity to observe the beauty of the universe with its many planets, stars and galaxies through a telescope, is available to guests from any of the terrace areas of the hotel.

Swig Terrace
An Immersion in Ancient Morning Rituals

In times past, the morning was considered the most important part of the day as it set the tone for the hours that followed. It was a sacred time to build on one’s health, spirituality and positive vibrations. True to the hotel’s late nineteenth-century Bengal Renaissance narrative, Raajkutir faithfully offers guests a morning experience that draws on the Era’s ancient rituals. Guests can start their day with an open-air, garden yoga session in the crisp Kolkata morning, under the benevolent eye of a professional yoga teacher. This invigorating wellness session is followed by a melodious flute recital by a classical artist, that helps to unwind. On returning to their rooms, guests can refresh themselves with a warm cup of traditionally-made morning tea, and biscuits. 

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A Walk Among the Trees

Like wealthy landowners of the past who often surveyed their grounds, guests can take off on a relaxed and pleasant horticultural walking tour of the 13.5-acre property.

Reception Entrance
A Glimpse Into the Future

Guests can sit down to a fascinating session with an experienced palmist who will read between the lines on their hand to indicate what the future holds for them. 

Suite Living Room