At the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) we have revisited the ways we have lived our promise of Tajness, a hallmark of our impeccable hospitality through our journey of over 116 years. Developed with support from our partners, some of the leading names in the world of safety and hygiene, this framework is a mark of IHCLs heightened safety, hygiene and physical distancing protocols. Created in accordance with the norms laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the Government of India, Tajness – A Commitment Restrengthened is reflective of our assurance of safety and comfort for our guests and is ingrained in our associates.

Some of the concrete steps undertaken as a part of this commitment include:

• Resting our rooms after check-outs and prior to reoccupation.

• Thermal screening of entrants and regular health-checks and counseling support for our associates.

• Mandating use of statutorily prescribed protective equipment, by our guests and associates.

• Use of digital technology for seamless check-ins, check-outs, payments and dining experiences.

• Use of proven disinfectants for regular and deep disinfection of all hotel areas.

• Re-modeling of fixtures in our guest and service areas as per physical distancing norms.

Steps taken at IHCL to combat COVID-19

Car Pickup
  1. Hotel car will be sanitized post usage with hospital grade disinfectant
  2. Chauffeur will follow all safety standards including gloves, face masks, head gear
  3. Unnecessary collateral will be removed from the car to prevent cross contamination
  4. Only one guest wearing mask and gloves will be allowed in the car as per physical distancing norms
  1. Guest temperature will be checked at entrance
  2. Valets will wear Hazmac suits
  3. Baggage handlers, security staff will wear full set of mandatory PPE’s
  4. Baggage will be sanitized before loading into luggage scanner
  5. Unauthorized personnel and delivery men will not be allowed inside the hotel premises
Check-in & Check out
  1. Counters will be arranged as per social distancing norms and provided with hand sanitizing stations
  2. ‘Namaste’ will be the standard greeting
  3. Check in formalities will be completed with one person at a time
  4. Guests will be requested to fill up a health declaration form
  5. Staff will wear mandatory PPE and hand over key cards after thoroughly sanitizing them
  6. Stationery/Luggage trollies will be thoroughly sanitized after use
  7. Contactless payment will be implanted for check-out 
  1. Furniture layout in the lobby will be redesigned as per social distancing norms
  2. Entire Lobby will be sanitized by thorough misting of Virucidal disinfectant frequently
  3. High touch points of the lobby will be sanitized frequently 
  1. All public area cloakrooms will be sanitized at a higher frequency
  2. Antiviral wipes & sani-seat will be incorporated
  3. Housekeeping attendants will wear enhanced PPEs 
  1. Physical distancing will be implemented with markings to guide customers
  2. Non tactile method will be implemented inside the elevator
  3. Critical touch points in the elevator will be sanitized more frequently
Guest Rooms
  1. All associates entering the guest room at any point will wear enhanced PPEs
  2. Room will be thoroughly sanitized and serviced once a day
  3. Collaboration with accredited labs and field experts will be done for the hygiene check and certification process
  4. Air quality in the room will be constantly monitored to be SPM and pathogen free
Laundry & Linen
  1. Presoaking and washing procedures will be modified as per guidelines from WHO and MoHFW (linen processed with sodium hypochlorite)
  2. Linen will be washed at higher temperature for better disinfection
  3. Laundry staff will wear complete set of PPEs during laundry operations
  4. Laundry pickup and processing will be done under strict supervision as per the guidelines from WHO & local bodies
  1. Number of tables and the layout will be altered to maintain social distancing norms
  2. Self-service buffets will be implemented with adequate protection like sneeze guards
  3. F&B staff will wear all mandatory PPEs while serving guests
  4. Menus will either be presented digitally or in single use disposable units
  5. Contactless payment will be implemented
  6. All self-service condiments will bereplaced with one time usage sachets 
  1. Group coordinators are being informed about the physical distancing norms
  2. Self-service buffets will be suspended
  3. Banquet staff will wear all mandatory PPEs while serving food
  4. External vendors will be restricted to enter the premises without proper PPE 
Food Production
  1. Cutlery, crockery and glassware processing will be in accordance to the guidelines of FSSAI & HACCP
  2. Entire kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized frequently with hospital grade disinfectant as per HACCP guidelines
  3. Food processors will wear mandatory PPEs at all times during food production
  4. Wellness oriented menu sections are being worked upon for a healthier meal and greater immunity
Fitness Centre
  1. Social distancing will be practiced by all trainers with guests
  2. Layout changes will be done to ensure physical distancing
  3. Equipment will be thoroughly sanitized post usage
  4. Guests and trainers will be requested to wear mandatory PPEs while using the facilities
Salon, Spa, Swimming Pool
  1. All styling equipment will be sanitized post guest use
  2. All unnecessary collateral will be removed from the salon to avoid transmission
  3. Close contact services (threading, facial etc.) will be temporarily closed
  4. Disposable apron, towels and napkins will be introduced
  5. Spa and swimming pool will be temporarily suspended 
Garden & Lawns
  1. Regular fogging will be done around garden areas to eliminate pest issues
  2. Guests will be requested to maintain social distancing & wear proper PPEs during walks around the garden
Taj Khazana
  1. Social distancing will be maintained in the store at all times between associates and guests
  2. Team members in the stores will wear PPEs at all times
  3. Sanitization will take place at regular intervals
  4. Contactless transactions will be encouraged during payment