Unique Dining

The very English themes of the restaurants take you back to the grand colonial life enjoyed in the old days. Relax and experience the life of the “Burra Saheb”.
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Chef Arun Mohanraj
Executive Chef

Food Philosophy- For decades, the Savoy Ooty name has been synonymous with the most celebrated cuisine and superior service known around the world. Equally notable are the ingredients of innovation, creativity and careful selection of fresh, local and hyper-local produce from our surroundings.
From simple to intricate, we have a wide range of offerings to suit every taste, along with beverages to complement every flavor, you are served with a smile for a unique and memorable dining experience.

Our Executive Chef-Arun Mohanraj personal trend is expressed in preparing food in an innovative, fascinating and healthy way by selecting top quality products from the given geography and blending those with local herbs and fresh wild-growing spices. His remarkable creativity, garnished with years of experience, pleasantly surprises every guests at Savoy, tasting classic dishes in a non-conventional mixture sealed by his unique signature.

“What is the essence of a brilliant meal? It isn’t just about precisely selecting and preparing each product, it’s the emotional experience that matters. Experience is what every single dish is, a feeling created through senses, a message to be brought by food!”
Chef Arun Mohanraj

Contact: Chef Arun Mohanraj
Email: arun.mohanraj1@tajhotels.com