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Art and History

Set in the heart of Uttarakhand, and by one of the most auspicious bends in the Ganges, Anand Kashi By The Ganges, Rishikesh - IHCL SeleQtions, welcomes you to a realm of comfort, designed to delight. 

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Binge Splurging
Open :12:00-6:00

A truly indulgent shopping experience awaits our guests in Rishikesh. The town’s famed market is noted for quite a few products, such as sarees, shawls and religious artefacts. The town has a few great places to shop that are a must-visit with a range of shopping options including clothes, spices, translations of old books, the well-known Kansa serving dishes and much more. On the weekend, the local bazaars can be witnessed in a rich fervour and the best time to visit is in the morning or early evening.

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Sacred Journeys
Open :8:30-6:00

This ancient region has seen the light of several sages and saints for centuries. In Rishikesh, you will find a list of holy sites to visit during your stay. Some of the popular attractions include the spectacular sunset Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat, Shri Trayanbakshwar Temple, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram, Swarg Niwas, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Neelkantha Mahadeva Temple, Lakshman Jhula, and Ram Jhula.

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A Holy Union - Rishikund
Open :11:00-6:00

Rishi Kund, a natural hot spring pond, is considered to be a sacred body of water in Rishikesh. According to local folklore, Lord Rama had bathed in the kund during his exile, making it holy. The river Ganges and Yamuna are also known to meet at this common point. In addition to the sacred vibrations of the Kund, the destination also brims with serene, blissful energy that charms anyone who visits it. 

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Adventure Sports
Open :10:00-6:00

Rishikesh offers an array of adventure sports for those looking for adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities. The thrill of river rafting in Rishikesh is complemented by breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan ranges. We have partnered with one of the best river companies and promise the finest rafting experiences to our guests. March to May and from September to November is the perfect time for experiencing these high-octane activities. Other popular adventure sports include skiing, rock climbing, and high-altitude trekking. 

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Cultural Immersion
Open :9:00-6:00

Anand Kashi belongs to a land steeped in rich culture and heritage that stretches back several centuries. The hotel facilitates a deep immersion into a remarkable culture through several guided activities. From visits to the ancient pilgrimage sites that stand testament to an epic history to city excursions resplendent with culture, Rishikesh is an unforgettable city. 

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Beatles Ashram
Open :9:00-6:00

One of the key attractions of Rishikesh is the Beatles Ashram, just 2 km away from Ram Jhula and 3 km away from Laxman Jhula. Located on the eastern bank of the Ganges river, opposite the Muni Ki Reti area of Rishikesh, the ashram gained international attention when the English band The Beatles studied meditation and yoga on its hallowed grounds.

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